Do you read what you taste?
Preliminary results from BookExpoAmerica 2006

On May 19th and 20th, we were in Washington DC, at BookExpoAmerica 2006, Booth 526. We captured the attention of 200 of the attendees, who took precious time from touring the exhibits to sit down, take our survey, taste a LifeSaverTM peppermint, and tell us how strong they found it to be.

So far we have analyzed the surveys of 100 of the participants. Even with half the surveys entered into our database, the answer to the question "Do you read what you taste?" is a resounding YES!

A few examples:

Of course, we have to complete analyzing the data; there are many more findings waiting in the wings! And then we will go on to our next project, which will be to get a better handle on why these differences exist. Please contact us if you have questions about this or any other aspect of our work.

Our booth, with student researchers Kalisa Martin and Nneka Chukwueke holding the last two of the goodie bags we gave to each participant.
The goodie bags contained (among other things) a brochure about our work.
Note the seats -- they were tempting after a long walk through the exhibits! On the left, you can see the profile of a clipboard; it's held by one of our participants, who is enjoying one of the seats.

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